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The KPN network covers our entire country. This intricate infrastructure offers endless possibilities for innovations that bring greater freedom, joy and convenience to life. Our network is the basis of the Netherlands of tomorrow.

KPN New Business

We need to work together in order to get ahead. That is why KPN New Business joins forces with promising technology companies to develop the innovations of tomorrow. The KPN New Business team develops and launches new services, often in collaboration with promising and innovative technology companies. This lets us stimulate innovation at an early stage in the interest of our customers and the Netherlands as a whole.

KPN New business & Startups

At KPN, we believe that we can achieve even more of our innovation ambitions by working together with young and talented technology companies. Combining our strengths enables us to accelerate the development of ideas, products and applications that genuinely help the Netherlands get ahead. In doing so, we also generate new revenue streams for KPN.

We explore these partnerships and new markets from two innovation units: KPN Ventures and KPN New Business. Whereas KPN Ventures invests in products and applications that have already proven their worth, KPN Business researches and develops the innovations of tomorrow.

The Cubes team at KPN New Business looks for interesting companies to work with and tests whether it is able to deliver the desired products and services. We make it possible to launch promising propositions in the market more quickly through an internal incubator programme.

KPN Partnerworld programme

We started the KPN Partnerworld Programme so that we are able to help start-ups even better. The programme consists both of elements that are available to anyone as well as elements that are only available for our co-creating partners or partners in which we invest.

Upcoming Events


Jan 1, 2016

KPN Startup Evening

During our quarterly held Startup Evening, we invite startups, scaleups, fund managers, innovation enthusiasts and many more people to network with our startup ecosystem. Feel free to visit our next Startup Evening on the 5th of July in Den Haag.

Check out the videos of previous editions below and subscribe for our next Startup Evening.


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